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The Personalized Weight Loss Program

You’ve Been Looking For

A Personalized Weight Loss

Program Based on Your

DNA and Gut Biome

We help you lose weight based on your individual biological makeup. Not some gimmick or the latest celebrity diet. Tailor your diet and exercise to fit your unique DNA, gut biome, blood metabolic markers, and lifestyle for sustained weight-loss and cardio-metabolic health

We’ve teamed up with Digbi Health, a personalized digital health platform that analyzes individuals' DNA and gut biome. Our partnership provides a science-based personalized health

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Dr Fatoki

Dr. Fatoki’s continual search for more successful weight loss options led to his partnership with Digbi Health. The partnership has allowed us to design an individualized plan that is specific to each patient. Using a combination of your DNA analysis and gut biome, we are able to design and recommend a diet, exercise and medication regimen that is designed just for you.

If you have struggled with your weight and tried different diets, medications and exercise programs without success, this personalized program is the answer you are looking for.

Body Togs: Wearable Weights

Body Togs: Wearable Weights

Compact. Comfortable. Can easily fit under your clothes.


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