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"Anyone who wants to work temporarily in the US should undergo medical tests and physical examinations as part of the visa requirement process."

There are many people who now migrate to other countries because of better job opportunities and other factors. Anyone who wants to work temporarily in the US should undergo medical tests and physical examinations as part of the visa requirement process. At the same time, it must be done at a clinic or hospital that is approved by the US consulate. Otherwise, the visas will be rejected on public health grounds that result in risks. Immigrants who want to apply for a permanent visa resident in the United States must file form I- 693 along with the medical reports. A civil surgeon plays an important role in this process by fulfilling the exact needs of an immigrant.

In fact, the civil surgeon should provide the complete details to an applicant with form I-693 in a sealed envelope. USCIS only accepts the forms in a sealed envelope, as it will not approve the altered or opened envelope. It is essential to perform the medical examination in a hospital which is authorized or certified by the US embassy. 

DR. Fatoki is a certified civil surgeon that is approved by the USCIS. Immigrants who want to settle down in the US can consult with him for submitting the application formalities within 48-72 hours. Same day appointments are also available for immigrants to get their reports in quick turnaround’s time. Moreover, it is possible to resolve complex issues when submitting the form to the embassy authorities.

USCIS requires reports from a civil surgeon for those who want to become a permanent resident in the US. Hence, it is necessary to visit designated civil surgeons who help to achieve goals in obtaining the visa. One must submit the current version of form I-693 to get an approval without any difficulties. It is an imperative one to sign the form in the presence of a civil surgeon after verifying the details. Dr. Fatoki is an experienced civil surgeon who offers ideas about the procedures including vaccinations that are primarily involved in submitting the form. This will help for minimizing complications to a greater extent. Immigrants can get complete details about the services from the online for fixing appointments with him on a particular day.

Sometimes, USCIS conduct interviews if required after submitting the form. It is essential to follow the guidelines that are set by the office. Dr. Fatoki makes it possible to apply for the permanent visa in the US to immigrants by closely working with them. Applicants can seek support from him to complete all the formalities while submitting the form I-693. In addition, he shows ways for meeting exact requirements in obtaining US citizenship by making the process a simpler one.

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"The Fatoki Protocol: It's all about the 1/3 : This is a great down to earth approach to lifestyle modification that actually reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, blood pressure and weight. Even if you do not have weight problems it will work to help you to have healthier lab results and improve your health. Dr. Fatoki is the perfect example of this protocal, he lives it every day!! It is not at all what is taught to Doctors, Nurses and Dietitians, it is cutting edge, new and life changing!!"


"Dr. Fatoki presents some revolutionary viewpoints that I believe will change the weight loss industry forever. Here we finally have a physician who isn't afraid to go against the establishment to find practical solutions to improve the health of his patients."


 As a new resident to Illinois I researched online to find a educated doctor. Especially one whom tended to patients with an addiction problem. After discovering his office online I called and made an appointment. I have to be honest, I was nervous, due to the fact that previously being seen by other doctors about my addiction problem I was treated unfriendly, uncaring,and talked down to basically. But upon entering into his office in Ottawa and being greeted by Sonja, whom was very friendly and very helpful. My nerves eased. Still a little anxious about the actual doctor visit. Dr. Fatoki is an amazing man and doctor. He was the kindest person and I felt completely comfortable being open and honest with him about my past drug usage. Never once feeling judged or belittled. He listened and provided me with answers that I needed pertaining to having a normal life without using drugs recreationally. Every appointment he was willing to help me with Any issues I may have had. Dr. Fatoki is the only doctor that I have seen that I felt 100% comfortable with talking to about drug addiction and when I left his office I didn’t feel like I was judged…but felt like someone actually cares about people who have gotten tangled up in the drug lifestyle. Words will never be able to express the gratitude I have for the kindness shown from his Ottawa office. I truly believe God put Dr. Fatoki in his profession to show love and kindness to the ones that need it the most. Thank you very much for just being there to listen and help guide me and my family back on the right path…so we can be Happy Joyous and Free.


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