Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki is board certified in Family Medicine, Bariatric Medicine and Addiction Medicine and the co-founder of the Practical Weight Management Program.

His interest in obesity developed from his dissatisfaction dealing with obesity and its related disorders in his general practice. He perceived the failed success, aggravation, and disappointment of patients following conventional or standard obesity advice. Dr. Fatoki understood this frustration because he too had struggled with his weight. He weighed 185 lbs when he graduated from Medical School in 1990.

However, by 1995, even after staying active by playing volleyball, he became 235 lbs heavy. He attempted numerous low fat diets, calorie restricted diets, and even diet pills to no avail. His hugest success was with the Atkins diet by which he lost about 35 lbs. Despite the success, the doctor could not sustain or maintain the Atkins lifestyle. This conundrum challenged him to seek further training outside the traditional medical field. In 2007, Dr. Fatoki attended his first American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) meeting. Here, he encountered and acquired new knowledge from specialists and professionals in the treatment of obesity.

That same year, he took ownership of a Bariatric Clinic and initiated his personal obesity treatment style. Dr. Fatoki’s observations and studies continued to stimulate his interest in obesity and the role of addiction in human behavior. Following extensive studies, he refined and perfected his practice thanks to his personal weight-loss successes and failures and that of his patients. Dr. Fatoki maintained a Primary Care practice alongside his Bariatric Practice. In addition to becoming Board certified in Family Medicine since 1993, Dr. Fatoki became Board Certified in Bariatric Medicine in 2009 and licensed in Addiction Medicine by 2010.

The practical weight management program was designed using the same successful program utilized in Dr. Fatoki’s clinical program. His goal is to make the program accessible to as many people as are interested in using the program online. Subscribers to the www. practicalweightmanagement.com, lifestyle modification program can expect the same personalized attention that Dr. Fatoki provides on their member report.