My name is Ashley. I have been a patient of Dr. Fatoki for the past few months. As a new resident to Illinois I researched online to find a educated doctor. Especially one whom tended to patients with an addiction problem. After discovering his office online I called and made an appointment. I have to be honest, I was nervous, due to the fact that previously being seen by other doctors about my addiction problem I was treated unfriendly, uncaring,and talked down to basically. But upon entering into his office in Ottawa and being greeted by Sonja, whom was very friendly and very helpful. My nerves eased. Still a little anxious about the actual doctor visit. Dr. Fatoki is an amazing man and doctor. He was the kindest person and I felt completely comfortable being open and honest with him about my past drug usage. Never once feeling judged or belittled. He listened and provided me with answers that I needed pertaining to having a normal life without using drugs recreationally. Every appointment he was willing to help me with Any issues I may have had. Dr. Fatoki is the only doctor that I have seen that I felt 100% comfortable with talking to about drug addiction and when I left his office I didn’t feel like I was judged…but felt like someone actually cares about people who have gotten tangled up in the drug lifestyle. Words will never be able to express the gratitude I have for the kindness shown from his Ottawa office. I truly believe God put Dr. Fatoki in his profession to show love and kindness to the ones that need it the most. Thank you very much for just being there to listen and help guide me and my family back on the right path…so we can be Happy Joyous and Free.

– Ashley